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Richard Bruton insists on ISDS

FF, FG & Green Party leadership have been supporting ICS (and ISDS) for many years now

For the European Commission to include an investment protection dispute settlement mechanism in an international trade agreement, they must get approval from the 

 initiate trade negotiations with another country a private investment 

Irish government one of 14 pushing Junker and Malmstrom hard on insisting that the TTIP contain ISDS.

23-10-2014. By Barry Finnegan.Minister Richard Bruton and 13 other Member State trade and foreign affairs ministers signed and sent to Malmstrom and Junker a letter this week in which they insisted that the Council of Ministers gave the Commission a very clear mandate to push for the ISDS (the private corporate ‘courts’ envisaged under TTIP) and that he and the Commission must continue to push hard for the inclusion of ISDS in TTIP.