At Comhlamh, we commit to supporting public discourse that is critical and dialogical, and to facilitating learning spaces where generative discussions can emerge on questions of global injustice and unsustainability.

Explore the various campaigns we are championing and see how you can get involved to make a meaningful impact on global inequality, social justice, and other issues important to you. Your engagement is not just welcomed; it’s the catalyst for transformative change. Dive in, discover, and be part of the force that sparks positive shifts. Together, we amplify our voices for a fairer, more just and equal world.

Our Campaigns Include

Put Children First: End Orphanage Care and Volunteering

See how you can help end the practice of orphanage volunteering and change how children are cared for globally. Get involved as an individual and as an organisation.

Energy Charter Treaty (ECT)

The Energy Charter Treaty poses a major climate threat, and you probably have never heard about it! This treaty enables fossil fuel executives to hinder climate action. Learn more and urge Ireland to exit the ECT now.

Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA)

Visit this resource webpage designed by our Trade Justice member group to provide Irish, other EU and Canadian citizens with all they need to know about CETA and why Ireland should be cautious about this trade agreement.

The Irish Anti-Apartheid Campaign for Palestine (IAAC-P)

In 2022, a group of Irish NGOs, individuals and activist groups, including Comhlámh and the Comhlámh Justice for Palestine Group, formed the Anti-Apartheid Campaign for Palestine. Currently, the coalition includes 23 Irish civil society organisations representing over one million people across the island.

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