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EU NGOs Explain How Investor Arbitration Works

TNI, CEO & Friends of the Earth Came Together To Present This ICS Beginners Pack:

‘When corporations ransack countries: a primer on investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS)’: Read the full ISDS primer here:

The excellent resource starts with a  quote from The Economist magazine article on ISDS (ICS) which “introduced its readers to a once unknown element in international trade and investment agreements”:

“If you wanted to convince the public that international trade agreements are a way to let multinational companies get rich at the expense of ordinary people, this is what you would do: give foreign firms a special right to apply to a secretive tribunal of highly paid corporate lawyers for compensation whenever a government passes a law to, say, discourage smoking, protect the environment or prevent a nuclear catastrophe. Yet that is precisely what thousands of trade and investment treaties over the past half century have done, through a process known as ‘investor-state dispute settlement,’ or ISDS.”

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