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For Comhlámh, global citizenship education is at the heart of everything we do and it shapes our courses and trainings, our #FirstWeds debates, our support for international volunteers and development workers as well as our accompaniment of member groups who are active on a wide range of social justice issues.

Here you can find the range of courses we have to offer. These cover a range of global justice themes and will be of interest for anyone thinking about and working towards deep lasting change. Including international volunteers and development workers, activists and educators in the community here in Ireland.


Our online course on Ethical Communication

As makers and receivers of messages: How to interpret our increasingly image and news saturated world with care and criticality? How to communicate with humility and in ways that make a difference? How to look after ourselves and others? We reckon that since you’re here, you may be interested in these questions and the broader theme of ethical communication. Maybe it’s because you’re thinking about or preparing to volunteer internationally? Maybe it’s because you’re a youth worker or trainer in global education? Maybe you are simply somebody who has an interest in global issues and a passion for social change!  Whichever corner you are coming from, you are very welcome to our e-learning course on ethical communication. Sign up today:

Where do I start?

4 mini, interactive resources

Thinking about volunteering internationally? Wondering what kind of ‘development’ the world needs right now? Curious as to why the language we use around development, volunteering and change, matters? Interested in different ways of being active for change? If you’re curious about digging deeper into any of these questions, then these resources are for you. Welcome !!

Inside each of the resources below you’ll find some interesting reading, great videos, useful questions, interactive activities and finally spaces for you to jot down your thoughts. There are four resources in total, with each topic taking 30 – 40 minutes to move through (excluding viewing of video links.) You can work your way through the resources on the move, or at home from your computer.

While we would encourage you to work your way through all four topics, why not start with the topic that most interests you and go from there. That’s it from us! Over to you! Enjoy.