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UN Trade Commission on ISDS Reform

UNCITRAL Hosts Ongoing ISDS (ICS) Reform Discussions

The United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL), for a number of years now, has been coordinating discussions between the world’s governments on reforming the whole architecture of private investors suing nation states through arbitration panels.

Here’s some government submissions from February 2021: ‘Working Group III: Investor-State Dispute Settlement Reform: 40th Session, 8-12 February 2021, Vienna’:

Here’s the EU submission: ‘POSSIBLE REFORM OF INVESTOR-STATE DISPUTE SETTLEMENT (ISDS) APPELLATE MECHANISM AND ENFORCEMENT ISSUES: Annotated comments from the European Union and its Member States to the UNCITRAL Secretariat, 19.10.2020’: 

Multilateral Instrument on ISDS Reform Webinar – 23 April 2020:‘Investor-State Dispute Settlement Reform: On-line Resources: Submissions and statements’: