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#VolOps is the section of Comhlámh that can help you find the overseas volunteering placement you are looking for.  We have been providing advice and support for people interested in overseas development work since 1975.


Check our directory of the volunteering sending agencies that have signed up to our code of good practice, we have VolOps Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts completely dedicated to posting information about new placements.


We also attend multiple outreach events throughout the year, where you can come and meet staff from Comhlámh, or you can make an appointment to come into the office, for one of our face-to-face information sessions. .


Let us know how we can help: 01 478 3490

Get smart: Tools, tips and developing critical thinking. 

Our searchable database of agencies.


Essential reading for those thinking about volunteering overseas.



The Charter is a guide for people who are going to volunteer overseas in developing countries. It sets out seven principles that aim to encourage responsible, responsive international volunteering. Each of these principles contains a list of questions to help you make sure that you have thought about the issues raised, and to ensure that you know why they are important.


By agreeing to sign the Charter volunteers, will be showing their support for the principles it sets out. As a volunteer, your attitude to your placement and to your host project and community will be crucial to the success of the work you will be involved with. Your support will help to ensure a spirit of partnership, solidarity and respect between you, your sending organisation, and the host project and community with which you volunteer. The volunteer charter was developed through extensive consultations with the three main groups involved in volunteer placements: volunteers, sending agencies, and host projects.

Over the past decade, there has been a growing interest among Irish people in volunteering in developing countries. More and more people are going overseas as volunteers, sometimes for very short periods. Although there can be many differences between the work done on short-term and long-term volunteering placements, all international volunteers will be engaging with the same broader issues. These include having realistic expectations about what volunteering can achieve, and adopting the role of learner and guest while overseas. The Charter encourages people to think about these issues and to place their volunteering experiences within the wider context of global development. By doing so, it aims to contribute to the improvement of the volunteering experiences of international volunteers, and ultimately to the quality of life for host communities affected by volunteering. It does not replace sending agencies’ and host projects’ specific guidelines and rules for volunteers, but rather complements them.


By agreeing to sign the Volunteer Charter, you will be showing your support for the principles it sets out.


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We are currently reviewing and editing our Volunteer Charter. In particular, we are trying to embed our core values mentioned in our code of good practice, onto the already strong principles of the Charter...not for the faint of heart, but it's coming's really coming along! ... See MoreSee Less

We are currently reviewing and editing our Volunteer Charter.  In particular, we are trying to embed our core values mentioned in our code of good practice, onto the already strong principles of the Charter...not for the faint of heart, but its coming along...its really coming along!

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Please get in touch with us if you are a recently returned volunteer development worker, and would like information about the VDWS ... See MoreSee Less

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We will be joining forces with @Good_DayNews in Cork to conduct interviews with a selection of our 2019 volunteers on Monday morning, August 19th from 9am. Make sure to tune in to our Facebook Live Videos to hear about all their hard work overseas this summer! #volops #servevols

We are all ready for tonight’s focus group discussion on the volunteer charter!
Do you like the principles? Is anything missing? Should the values be added in, or put in place of the principles.
What would help you through your #volops experience?

Comhlámh’s VolOps magazines

#Volops magazine promotes responsible and responsive volunteering practices from the point of view of returned volunteer development workers, volunteer sending agencies, and us, Comhlámh.  If you would like to write an article for the next issue of #VolOps, please get in touch with us at


After many successful issues of Comhlámh’s Focus magazine, we thought it was time to publish a magazine which promoted responsible and responsive volunteering practices through articles from returned volunteer development workers and colleagues from some of our Code of Good Practice volunteer sending agencies.  For the person who is new to volunteering, this magazine should present them with a wealth of information and ideas to get them started.  And for the long-time volunteer development worker, we hope that this magazine has given them some prompts for reflection.