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Volunteering for the Future project

Funded by Erasmus+, the “Volunteering for the Future” project brought together partners from the Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland and the UK, all of whom were experienced in working with international volunteers.  

It focused on developing high quality learning opportunities tailored to young volunteers returning from the global south, to support them in their continued journey as active citizens.  The project’s outputs will be of particular interest to trainers/ facilitators/ educators working at the intersection of global active citizenship and volunteering. Check them out below:

Research on how organisations can foster active citizenship

This is a piece of research on how organisations can support and foster active citizenship in the groups and people they work with. It sets out 12 steps to fosters active citizenship in international volunteers

You can download a publication of our research to your device here

What Next- Training manual

This resource is aimed at volunteer sending agencies (VSAs) and any other organisations or groups that work with volunteers who are returning from placements in the global south. From many years of experience, we know that returned volunteers bring new perspectives and appetite for further learning back home with them. The resource aims to support and promote volunteers’ continuous engagement on local-global issues, and to strengthen and deepen their engagement as active citizens.

A training companion for organisations and trainers working with international volunteers

A resource that presents an invitation for trainers working with international volunteers to ‘step out’ of their practice, to reflect upon and review what they are doing within their trainings and to ‘step back in’ equipped with a deeper sense of the complexities of training and the context within which they are working. In developing the resource, we focused on examining how a truly critical learning process can be promoted with volunteers and how this involves digging deeper into our own practice as trainers.