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Immunisation 4 Life “Child Health Specialists”

Home Immunisation 4 Life 35 Eallagh Headford Galway co. Ireland Cell Phone: +353(0)86 0246749 Website:


Photo of Immunisation 4 Life “Child Health Specialists”

Immunisation 4 Life’s mission is to:

1. Improve the health and life expectancy of vulnerable children in low resource countries. This will be achieved by partnership and collaboration with local communities, to achieve Millennium Development Goal 4.

2. In partnership with other NGO’s, local agencies and local community we aim to assess the needs of local communities, develop and maintain sustainable programmes, through education and training of local volunteers.

3. To ensure a safe, productive and valuable experience and insight into the complexities of volunteering in a developing country.



Do you have any age requirements for your volunteer placements? If yes, please state the minimum and maximum age limits.


Do you have specific language requirements for your programmes?


Do you have placements that are accessible for volunteers with disabilities?


Do volunteers for your projects require specific educational or professional qualifications? If yes, please give a brief outline of the type of qualifications required.

Yes – Nursing, Medical, Allied Health Professions, Administration.

Do volunteers for your projects need to meet any other selection criteria? If yes, please give a brief outline of your requirements (For example, religious beliefs, marital status, etc).


Please outline the application procedure, including whether references are required.

All volunteers submit a CV with references, undergo interview and undergo Garda vetting.

Are there any costs associated with participating in your volunteer programmes? If yes, please state the starting point of costs (e.g., programme costs begin at…)

Yes. Cost of flight, accommodation, food per trip = €1200 approx.

What benefits does your organisation provide for volunteers? (Examples could include travel costs, accommodation, food, etc.)

Pre and post trip medical check-ups and vaccinations with designated GP; travel insurance.

Please give a brief outline of the types of activities with which volunteers are involved:

Education and training for the assessment and management of malnutrition. Audit of malnutrition programme.

Please state the duration of projects on which you place volunteers, noting the shortest and the longest times.

One week to 10 days per placement.

Does your organisation have policies for the protection of children and vulnerable people which you can make available to potential volunteers/volunteers?


Do volunteers work individually or in teams while overseas?

In teams.

Does your organisation provide an in-country contact person for volunteers? If yes, does this person work on a full-time basis?


Does your organisation provide pre-departure training for volunteers? If yes, please provide a brief outline of the content.

Yes. Training pack includes Child Protection, Code of Behaviour, Guidelines for the Supplementary Feeding Programmes and information on Zambia.

Does your organisation provide post-return debriefing for volunteers? If yes, please provide a brief outline of the content.

Yes. Volunteers on return get a call from team leader and attend a post trip debrief meeting.

If requested, can you put accepted volunteers in touch with returned volunteers?