Justice For Palestine

Comhlámh’s Justice for Palestine Group is dedicated to promoting the rights of the Palestinian people and achieving Justice for Palestinian people. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one of the world’s longest running conflicts and has seen the rights of Palestinians violated in numerous way. From a fourth generation of Palestinian children being brought up in refugee camps; hundreds of thousands Palestinians being discriminated against over access to public services, land rights and employment; the siege in Gaza where 1.9 million inhabitants face poverty and psychological violence on a daily basis; and the continuing expansion of Israeli settlements and the continued construction of the apartheid wall in the West Bank.

This oppression is made possible by the support of countries and businesses that continue to back Israel through business and investment. As a group we want to take a stand against Israel’s brutal occupation. 

 The Justice for Palestine Group has a number of objectives and ongoing actions.

  1. Continuing our support for the Occupied Territories Bill: 

The group created a petition target at Fianna Fail to continue their Support for the OTB and continues to lobby the government regarding its inclusion in future plans. 

  1. Supporting and collaborating with other groups

There are many groups already undertaking incredible groups and we believe in supporting their initiatives, particularly Palestinian led groups. 

  1. Educating the public and Comhlámh members 

One of our main aims is to generate awareness of Palestinian issues and how highlight how we can be active citizens on the issues. We are currently working on a number of resources. These include information on which organisations can be supported, how to boycott Israeli goods and templates on letters to send to your local TD to raise awareness. 

  1. Engage with the Aparteid Free Zone Movement

We intend to engage with and highlight the work and actions related to the APZ movement 

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