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Take Action: Call on Ireland to exit the Energy Charter Treaty

Email the Ministers in charge of Ireland’s membership of the Energy Charter Treaty to ask them to exit this treaty as soon as possible.

The Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) is the biggest climate threat you might never have heard of. A treaty which means fossil fuel executives can sue us and stop our governments from taking climate action by holding them to ransom for billions.

The Energy Charter Treaty gives corporations the right to sue countries that make policy decisions which will affect the corporation’s profits. Companies can sue for billions, even if those policy decisions are necessary and urgent actions to tackle climate breakdown. The Energy Charter Treaty contains investor state dispute settlement (ISDS), enabling corporations to make these claims against governments in secretive tribunals outside national justice systems.

For years, negotiations over a proposed reform of the Energy Charter Treaty have dragged on without success.

Italy withdrew from the ECT in 2016. Spain, France, Poland, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Germany, Denmark and Luxembourg have all said they will leave the treaty, and EU countries have been discussing a coordinated withdrawal from the treaty. Ireland should take the decision to leave the Energy Charter Treaty, ideally as part of a coordinated withdrawal. In the event of a partial withdrawal where some states remain and some leave, Ireland should join with those that leave.  It is the most effective way to protect taxpayers, the planet and our future from this damaging treaty.

Recent speculation on the possible use of the ECT in respect of a compensation claim arising from a Government decision not to grant a permit to progress work on the Barryroe gas and oil project is a wake–up call to Government to reduce the state’s vulnerability to such claims.

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