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Coming Home Guide and Weekend

Welcome Home! Returning from an overseas placement can be a very challenging experience with highs and lows.

Many returnees experience reverse culture shock, finding the process to be very isolating, emotional and stressful.

This does not happen to every volunteer but can be very common, particularly in those returning home from a developing country for the first time.

Many returnees return home full of inspiration and motivation to stay involved in global development issues. Depending on the circumstances they are returning to, it can be a struggle to find ways to get involved and to put to use their energy and enthusiasm. Comhlámh offers a range of support services to cater to volunteers and development workers on their return. Our services respond to the needs that returnees have identified for themselves. Among the services we offer are debriefing, counselling, career guidance, PRSI and Pensions support and our Coming Home Weekends.

As a membership organisation we also serve to connect returning volunteers and development workers with one another and provide opportunities to be active and involved in global development from Ireland. Whether through our membership or elsewhere, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved.

Our Coming Home Book provides a comprehensive guide to all these issues and directs you towards other useful organisations.