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Academic Paper – EU Will Lose the Precautionary Principle

Academic Paper: CETA will Prevent Implement Of EU’s Precautionary Principle

This academic paper asks are the CETA provisions and the Joint Interpretation Instrument, “sufficient to ensure that the EU and its Member States can implement the precautionary principle laid down in the EU constitutional legal order in the form of a treaty provision (article 191 para 2 TFEU), numerous directives and regulations and the case law of the CJEU? According to a comprehensive report prepared by four authors (including myself) in 2016, that is not the case.” 

The authors add that, “The word precaution does not appear in CETA”.

Click on section ‘4.3.2 CETA and the Precautionary Principle’  in the chapter’s contents to get to the part of the Precautionary Principle:


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