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Legal analysis of ECJ Ruling ICS Not Illegal

In 2019, in Opinion 1/17, the EU’s highest court (CJEU) ruled that the investment court (ICS) proposed in the EU-Canada trade deal was not illegal. Check out the legal analysis below.

The CJEU ruling in Opinion 1/17 clarified that the EU can enter into international agreements that provide for ICS as long as they do not lead to the EU abandoning existing levels of protection of the public interest. Is it accurate to claim that the CJEU seems to think that this would only be the case if the EU would be, in their words, “repeatedly compelled by the CETA Tribunal to pay damages”?

We have no way now of knowing how much in damages for ‘lost’ profit investors would get in compensation from the proposed investment court (ICS). Even if after a few years we decided to pull out of the ICS of CETA, the court would still stand for a ‘sunset clause’ period of twenty years.

How many years would it take the EU to withdraw from the ICS of CETA if the CETA ICS tribunal did repeatedly compel Ireland or the EU to “pay damages”?

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