Working for a Better World: Sustaining Civic Responses to Migration. Ireland National Report

Comhlamh began the dissemination of the initial research results of the WFBW-Sustaining Civic Response project this week. W4BW is a 2.5 year, EU-funded consortium of organisations in Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain which is focused on the psycho-social resourcing of staff and volunteers working with refugee and asylum-seeking communities. With a focus on forced migration, the project is designing and piloting integrative, trauma-informed MHPSS resources for use by those working in Search and Rescue capacities at sea and in refugee camp and reception contexts on land. 

The initial output of WFBW are national reports and a summative analysis which collates the findings from online surveys and focus groups conducted in the four participating countries. This research will be disseminated to 100 relevant NGOs, CSOs and solidarity networks in Ireland over the coming days. 

You can read the full report here