Together We Can Through Volunteering

 A Celebration of the Contribution of Migrants and Diaspora to Volunteering

Join us to mark International Volunteer Day whose theme this year is ‘Together we can through volunteering’. Our event will celebrate the wealth of contributions from migrant communities and diaspora who volunteer their time and skills to support a range of communities, causes and campaigns. As part of this event, we will feature the work of the IC4LoP project, an Erasmus + initiative working to support young migrants, returned volunteers and others interested in global issues to participate together in social justice actions.

Our event will bring together the voices of people from a range of migrant backgrounds and profile and honour their volunteering work. We will also hear from participants of the IC4LoP project, a pan European project involving Ireland, Italy, France and Slovenia which has worked to engage and mobilise young migrants in social justice activism; and hear of good practice approaches and key policy recommendations on working towards inclusive and active global citizenship.

We will be joined by Rhythm African for traditional African music and dance throughout the session.