Thinking about international volunteering? Our ‘Where Do I Start?’ resource is here to help.

Thinking about international volunteering? Our ‘Where Do I Start?’ online course is here to help.

Today marks International Volunteer Day (IVD)!

IVD 2022 celebrates the theme of solidarity through volunteering, highlighting the power of collective humanity to drive positive change and the importance of supporting each other in ways that are rooted in trust, humility, respect and equality.

This year’s theme means an awful lot to us here in Comhlámh, and we hope for you too.

If you feel like digging a little deeper into these themes, you might check out our newly updated online ‘Where Do I start?’ resources. They are fresh off the press and, it seems, just in time for this day!

There are four resources in total, with each topic taking 30 – 40 minutes to move through (excluding viewing of video links).

  • What is Development?
  • Thinking about international volunteering?
  • Being active for change
  • Why language matters

Inside each of the above resources, you’ll find some interesting reading, great videos, useful questions, interactive activities and finally spaces for you to jot down your thoughts. You can work your way through the resources on the move, or at home from your laptop.

Don’t forget to let us know what you think!

And Happy International Volunteer Day ❤️