Solidarity in Action Course

Comhlámh, in partnership with UCDVO, is delighted to announce the launch of Solidarity in Action, a new educational offering for 2021.

Running from March to June 2021, Solidarity in Action is an extended learning journey open to past participants of Be the Change and Skills in Development Education courses and UCDVO’s Volunteering and Global Citizenship Programme. Building on previously laid pathways, Solidarity in Action will support participants to continue their journey beyond general awareness of pressing global issues, supporting them to build brave space with others, open difficult conversations and expand their capacity for ethical, action-based solidarity.

Some guiding questions include:

What is that we want to transform?

How to acknowledge uncertainty whilst actively working towards possible futures?

How to find direction while listening?

How to build brave spaces?

A distinguishing feature of Solidarity in Action is the spirit of inquiry and self-directed, peer learning. From the very beginning participants will be invited to work with questions that feel close to them, and with the help of programme facilitators and peers carve out an action- experiment to delve deeper. This 2-phase format of exploration and experimentation is inspired by Transformative Learning Journey – Tackling the root causes of global crises through education (TLJ). Funded by Bridge 47, TLJ was a training programme for educational practitioners, researchers and activists that ran from 2018 to 2020.  

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Solidarity in Action is running in partnership with UCDVO with the kind support of Concern Worldwide

Open to past participants of Be the Change and Skills in Development Education and past participants of the UCDVO Volunteering and Global Citizenship Programme. See for application forms. Applications welcome up to March 15th 2021.