NEW PUBLICATION: Solidarity in Action. A Journey in Global Citizenship Education

Solidarity in Action: A jourey in global citizenship education

Along with our partners, UCD Volunteers Overseas (UCDVO), Comhlámh is delighted to announce the launch of ‘Solidarity in Action 2021: A journey in Global Citizenship Education’. This digital publication captures some of the unique learning and impact for those involved in Solidarity in Action, a 3-month development education programme devised in partnership with UCDVO in 2021.

We hope this publication might provide some new impulses for those engaged in activism and for those interested in development education and transformative learning spaces.

More about Solidarity in Action

Solidarity in Action was designed to spur change – to foster renewed visions for the kinds of education and activism spaces we are in need of (and what they ask of us), capacities to be and relate in ways that did not feel within reach before, deeper awareness of entanglement with multiple and escalating global crises, and a better sense of how to face them with accountability and with heart.

The course itself took place in the online space, one year into the Covid 19 pandemic and coming out of one of the longest lockdown periods in March 2021. This particular social context provided the backdrop for the engagement of the course’s 17 participants.

The publication: ‘Solidarity in Action 2021: A journey in Global Citizenship Education’

In terms of the publication itself, written pieces touch on the value of stories, the generative power of vulnerability, what it means to examine where we are located within matrices of power, curiosity, the collective, connection with human and other-than-human worlds and the importance of relationships.

Comhlámh is so delighted to see this publication come into being, conveying as it does the depth and richness of participant journeys with Solidarity in Action. It’s an important record of what people did with the time and the pedagogical scaffolds that supported them.

Indeed, we see the words and images as bright lights, encouraging us all to go further in the work for change. We hope you will find them inspiring.

You can download and explore the publication below. For further information on Solidarity in Action, contact  


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Solidarity in Action: A jourey in global citizenship education