Our new online course on ethical communication is almost here!

Some of the faces behind the Platform, pictured in Maribor, Slovenia, September 2019

Thinking about or preparing to volunteer internationally? Interested in reading (and communicating) our increasingly image and news saturated world more skilfully? We’re delighted to say that our new E-TICK e-learning platform on ethical communication is almost here!

A collaborative effort between Društvo Humanitas (Slovenia), Zavod Volontariat (Slovenia), INEX-SDA (Czech Republic), FOCSIV (Italy) and Comhlámh and with the support of ERASMUS+, work on this platform has been underway since late 2018 and is due to be launched in early 2020.  

Key e-learning topics include: ‘Thinking critically about ‘help’ and volunteering’, ‘Who gets to communicate what?’, ‘Cultural appreciation or cultural appropriation?’, ‘Media literacy in the new media age’ and ‘Digital wellness’. Online sessions are interactive and packed with quizzes and activities around images, short films as well as texts of all kinds including poetry and blogs.  They are also broken down into nice bite size pieces so that users can work through activities step-by-step. If you can’t wait until 2020 to see the full package you could volunteer to participate in our piloting phase from November onwards! The piloting will help us to test the content as well as the usability for prospective users. Contact sive@comhlamh.org for more information if you’re interested!