International Citizens for Local Perspectives (IC4LoP) recommendations

The project International Citizens for Local Perspectives (IC4LoP), an Erasmus+ KA3 social inclusion project, took place between 2019-2021. It worked to engage and mobilise young migrants, returned volunteers and others interested in global issues to participate in social justice collective action.A set of recommendations were developed as part of this project.

They are recommendations for two main targets: policy-makers and organisations. They have been gathered from the numerous stakeholders involved at the various levels of IC4LoP during the collective actions, the evaluation report and the transnational event which included a dedicated workshop on developing recommendations. A bottom-up approach was favoured in the collection of these recommendations, so they would fit to the reality of both the people and the organisations we are working with at local, national and European level.

We hope these recommendations will support organisations to work with young people from different backgrounds to create collaborative responses to the issues we are facing at local, national and global levels. The recommendations cover organisational policies and programming, partnership building and training – but most importantly highlight the need for the voices and leadership of young people within organisations and externally within policy-making and direct political representation .Above all we recommend that the first step in all of the work with young people is to start from a place of compassion, to focus on creating safe spaces for all to speak and share their experiences and opinions and to identify ways in which the dominant narrative around migrations can and should be different

You can access the full recommendations report here