Heineken in Africa: Our November First Weds

We are delighted to have investigative journalist Olivier van Beemen to speak about his book “Heineken in Africa” for our November #FirstWeds

Where: Teachers Club, 12 Parnell Square West

When: 6th Nov. 7-8.30pm

Facebook event here.

For Heineken, ‘rising Africa’ is already a reality: the profits it extracts there are almost 50 per cent above the global average, and beer costs more in some African countries than it does in Europe. Heineken claims its presence boosts economic development on the continent. But is this true?

Olivier van Beemen has spent years seeking the answer, and his conclusion is damning: Heineken has hardly benefited Africa at all. On the contrary, there are some shocking skeletons in its African closet: tax avoidance, sexual abuse, links to genocide and other human rights violations, high-level corruption, crushing competition from indigenous brewers, and collaboration with dictators and pitiless anti-government rebels.

Heineken in Africa caused a political and media furore on publication in The Netherlands, and was debated in their Parliament. It is an unmissable exposé of the havoc wreaked by a global giant seeking profit in the developing world and we are delighted to bring Oliver’s research to an audience in Ireland.

Some reviews for ‘Heineken in Africa

Van Beemen, the author of this well-researched and provocative book, has uncovered an astounding counter-story to the corporate spin . . . an almost perfect case study of what can go wrong when globalisation is unleashed in markets with huge financial potential but without the regulatory frameworks present in more stable parts of the world.‘ 
– Prospect

One of the most readable, nuanced and critical accounts of “multinationals doing business in Africa” . . .Van Beemen uses his unagitated and meticulously researched style to the fullest advantage . . . an excellent book.’
— Aidnography Blog

We are delighted to be collaborating with Dr. Eilish Dillon and her colleagues at the Department of International Development, Maynooth University on the 2019 season of #FirstWeds – the First Wednesdays – debates, discussions, interviews and conversations. Eilish will be our moderator on the night.

#FirstWeds will be livestreamed on Facebook.

Wheelchair and lift access to the meeting room is available on the evening, via the Granby Lane entrance. Contact Mark on 087 67 20303 by 18:30 to facilitate access.

Comhlámh acknowledges the support of Concern Worldwide in hosting the #FirstWeds.

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