Global Solidarity in Action Comhlamh Strategic Plan 2023-2028

We are excited to introduce Global Solidarity in Action: Comhlámh Strategic Plan 2023-2028, officially launched at our AGM 2023. The Strategy outlines our vision, mission and main focus for the coming five years.  

Developed collaboratively with our partners, members, and member groups, it outlines our commitment to achieving local and global justice through cultivating:  

  • A solidarity-based movement that draws on our history to create new responses to the unprecedented challenges the world is facing. 
  • The skills, dispositions, and stamina to stay involved in generating opportunities for change at a time of deep uncertainty and challenge. 

As an organisation committed to global justice, we recognise the challenges and opportunities facing our interdependent world. Our Strategic Plan 2023-2028 is designed to guide our work towards creating a more just and equitable society at home and abroad.  

Download Comhlamh Strategic Plan 2023-2028 below.

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