Extinction Rebellion, Civil Disobedience & Social Change

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“Civil Disobedience and Social Change” took place in the Teacher Club in Dublin a few weeks ago.  While the discussion looks at civil disobedience in the general sense, a lot of the conversation revolved around challenging preconceptions of the term as well as its limitations. A significant theme arising in the discussion focused Extinction Rebellion’s organising models, strategy and the perceived lack of politics in the context of the history and experience of Shell to Sea and other camapigns in Ireland.

On the panel

Jerrieann Sullivan, teacher and educator involved with the Shell to Sea campaign which ran for almost 10 years and remains one of the most significant social struggles in Ireland in recent decades involving resistance to oil and gas giant Shell. Jerrieann was one of 3 people previously involved in RSC and S2S who on
request created an ‘Introduction to Direct Action’ workshop for a group who were seeking one, called Future Proof Clare in January this year, and with Gluaiseacht for Global Justice ran it again for the Galway Feminist Collective, before XR asked for the workshop to berepeated again several times for their members.

Manuel Salazar from Extinction Rebellion, the climate action group at the centre of international actions around climate change. Extinction Rebellion is drawing large number of people together to act on climate change and encourages acts of mass civil disobedience and deliberate arrests as a key strategy for achieving policy change governments.

Aisling Hederman from Dublin Housing Action, a community activist involved with ‘Apollo House’ – a widely supported occupation in Dublin in December 2016 focusing on the still growing homeless and housing crisis in Ireland – and ‘Dublin Housing Action’ , a community led organized response to the housing crisis

The panel was facilitated by Tom Campbell from the Department of International Development at Maynooth University.

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