E-TICK – our new online course on Ethical Communication has landed!

Did you know, by the time you read this page, 500 hours of video will have been uploaded to YouTube? Did you know that in the second it takes you to read this word, 9,000 tweets will have been tweeted on Twitter (this corresponds to over 500,000 tweets sent per minute, 700 million tweets per day)?* It’s staggering, isn’t it?

So, what to do? Where to look?

If this topic and others like it pique your interest then E-TICK, our new online course on ethical communication might be for you. You can find it here. The course dives right in, offering questions, resources and exercises to build capacity for ethical communication in these times.

As makers of messages, how to pay attention to the unequal power relations between global North and South?  How to communicate with humility and in ways that make a difference? How to interpret this increasingly image and news saturated world with care and criticality? How to look after ourselves online and how to look after others?

E-TICK will be of interest to all those with a passion for global justice and social change and a great resource for volunteers as well as youth workers and trainers in the field of global citizenship education.Some great things about this online course:

  • The course is FREE and open to everybody
  • You can work through the modules in your own time and at your own speed
  • The course isn’t super heavy or long – we estimate that there is around 2 hours of work in each of the 4 modules
  • Sessions are interactive, combining reading, viewing, quizzes, flip cards and journaling to create a stimulating experience
  • Topics are relevant and punchy
  • You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course

Key words: ethical communication, media literacy, international volunteering, international development, North-South power structures, culture, social constructs, digital well-being.

We had a such a great time developing E-TICK with our European partners Društvo Humanitas (Slovenia), Zavod Voluntariat (Slovenia), INEX-SDA (Czech Republic), FOCSIV (Italy).We hope you come to love it as much we do.We are also sincerely grateful to the team of 50+ young people and educators from across Europe who piloted the course for us late last year. Big shout out to them! They are the reason the course is in such good shape today.

Finally, with thanks to ERASMUS+ for funding this initiativeAnd remember, you can find our course here 🙂 

For more information about the course (and to share feedback, which is always welcome) contact sive@comhlamh.org

*Data on YouTube uploads based on data released by YouTube in 2019 and the universal Twitter counter can be found here