Depth Education For Youth (DEFY) Seminar and Journaling

For those working with young people on issues of social and ecological justice and – most likely – navigating difficult conversations and feelings

This seminar is part of DEFY, a 3-year project involving SUAS, Comhlámh, finep (Germany) and Zavod Voluntariat (Slovenia).

Through this seminar, educators from Ireland, Germany and Slovenia (and elsewhere) will have the opportunity to hear more about the DEFY project* and reflect on their own practice through an anonymized journaling-style tool.

We hope to collate the responses into a finished, published piece by the end of the year and for them to shape the project as it moves forward.

* The DEFY project runs from 2023 – 2026. It is interested in how we and fellow GCE/educator colleagues might engage further with the feelings of fear, anxiety, grief, shame, defensiveness, guilt, apathy and more that are present in our education spaces. How might we build capacity within ourselves to be with these affective states, with the ‘trouble’. How might we engage the sensing and feeling (or ‘affect’) of others and why might this be important/ useful?

Note: DEFY set out to support educators working in global education with youth aged 18 and upwards. However, the DEFY topics/ themes have a wide ranging relevance – anybody working in education and social change in whatever kind of setting is welcome so long as the themes resonate.

Depth Education For Youth (DEFY) Seminar and Journaling:

WHEN: Wed, 20 Sep 2023 14:00 – 15:30 IST

WHERE: Online