Comhlámh and its Ireland Says Welcome Group are delighted to invite you to our celebration of Culture Night 2023 from 6 – 9pm on the 22nd of September in our offices at 12 Parliament St, Dublin 2.

We invite you to experience a captivating and heartwarming evening that extends a warm embrace to all, transcending boundaries and cultures. This event is not just a gathering; it’s a celebration of unity, an opportunity for people from various walks of life to connect, share, and celebrate together. We dedicate this event to weaving a tapestry of connections that enrich the fabric of our community.

Join us for a delightful celebration that pays tribute to the kaleidoscope of people and their arts, crafts, music, and culinary traditions from around the world they bring to Ireland. It’s a chance for you to embark on a journey around the world without leaving the venue, a journey that ignites curiosity and fosters understanding.

Throughout the evening, be captivated by live musical performances that will transport you to different corners of the globe. Experience the magic of a thought-provoking short film screening, which will encourage introspection and dialogue, reminding us of the shared human experiences that bind us together.

Prepare to be intrigued by the concept of a Human Library – an innovative platform where real-life stories come to life. Conversations become portals to understanding, where stereotypes are dismantled and compassion is nurtured. Each “human book” is a living story, offering insights into the lives and perspectives of individuals who have embarked on extraordinary journeys.

And what’s an evening of celebration without delectable treats? Savour the flavours meticulously crafted by talented Ukrainian and Syrian chefs, offering a tantalizing journey for your taste buds and a glimpse into their homelands’ rich culinary heritage.

Your presence is more than just attendance; it affirms the values that bind us together. As you immerse yourself in the festivities, take a moment to appreciate the beauty of these connections that transcend borders, remind us of our shared humanity, and inspire hope for a harmonious future. Welcome to an evening where every smile exchanged, every story shared, and every note played is a step towards a more connected world.

We’re proud to have the support of the Community Integration Fund, which underscores the significance of unity in our diverse society. So, mark your calendars and get ready to embrace an evening that celebrates diversity, fosters connections, and leaves you with cherished memories. We hope to see you there!

WHEN: Friday, 22 September, 6-9PM

WHERE: Comhlámh, 12 Parliament St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, D02 HV05 (Click here for the map)
T: (01) 478 3490 E:




Eman Alhatmy (Syria)

Emad Alhatimi is a musician from Syria. He plays the keyboard and enjoys playing the traditional music of famous Arabic singers such as Um Kaltoum, Abd El-Halim Hafez and Fairouz.

Levitik 17 (Côte d’Ivoire)

Our second musician is Fernando Sahin, performing as LEVITIK 17. He is Ivorian, originally from the west of Côte d’Ivoire (Taï). He began making music in 1997 and released a single in Côte d’Ivoire in 2001. He sings about love, peace, protecting the environment, and revolution. He has been living in Ireland for one year.

Human Library

Abdulai Mansaray (Sierra Leone)

Abdulai lives in Dublin and is originally from Freetown, Sierra Leone. He lived in Direct provision for almost 3 years. He is currently studying law at TU Dublin as well as working as a Community Link Worker Supporting Ukrainian and International Protection Children, Families, and Young People. He is an ardent Human Rights, Asylum Seeker, Refugee, and Migrant Activist, especially in the area of Youth Empowerment.

Ali Yaqoobi (Afghanistan)

Ali Yaqoobi arrived in Ireland from Afghanistan in 2021.  He was a writer, poet, journalist, bookseller, event organiser and social justice activist in Kabul.  While living in Co Galway, he learnt to cycle, enjoying the experience and beauty of riding along country roads, through mountain passes and beside the Atlantic Ocean.  As many people in Afghanistan are currently suffering from shortages of food and medical supplies, Ali wanted to help.  So, he decided to organise a fundraising solo cycle. In August 2023, he made the remarkable achievement of cycling from Galway to Dublin in one day, thereby raising over €3,000 to help families in need in Afghanistan.

Evonne Mushonga (Zimbabwe)

Evonne, originally from Zimbabwe,  is studying for an MSc. In Psychotherapy and Counselling with IACP. She works for the nonprofit HIV Ireland.

Matin Salim (Afghanistan)

Matin is a model, fashion designer, and the founder of Abra Clothing.  Born in 1997 in the beautiful province of Panjshir, Afghanistan, he completed his school education and then studied fashion in Iran.

Film Screening

The People of the Great River
The Tonga hoped the water would follow them.

The video produced by Michael Hanly (formerly of Ireland Says Welcome and Comhlamh board)  is based on a book by Mike Tremmel written 30 years ago and published again this year.

Ayumi Miyano (Director) and Ignacio Garay (producer) will be present at the event.

Visual Arts

Sanaa El Habbash (Ireland/Palestine)

Sanaa is an Irish-Palestinian graphic designer specialising in UX design. 

Many of her personal projects focus on Palestinian food, culture, and stories. 

Her work has become increasingly focused on the overshadowed beauty of Palestine. With the ongoing difficulties faced by Palestinians on a daily basis, it’s easy to forget about the amazing people, stories, and traditions. As a member of the Palestinian diaspora, her goal as an artist is to share stories of strength that comes with hardship in a beautiful way which reflects the stories themselves.

You can see Sanaa’s Behance gallery here and her recent project ‘A lot on your plate’ here.